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Monday, 11 July 2016

Why CDNS Should Get Prime, Part IV

In Part IV, I'll be explaining how great Prime Music is to have.
Prime Music, including Prime channels that are based on both artists and genres, not only through your laptop/desktop, but through other devices, is a great source of music.  While you do need to sign up for a service such as as described in Part III, it's well worth it.
You can enjoy Prime Music through different devices, including:
  • The obvious--your lap/desk top
  • Your smartphone for purchased music, and IF you can can connect your phone to an IP masking service such as, and then (hopefully) to your car stereo, you'll enjoy a wide variety of musical options
  • The Amazon Echo.  This is a black cylindrical device that brings the future to the present.  Much better than Siri, it will play music, but it will also communicate with you, answer questions, tell you jokes, give you news updates, sports updates, weather updates, allow you to make purchases, connect with your smartphone and update your list of things to do, a shopping list, schedule appointments on your Google calendar, search Wikipedia, play games, control your household appliances and SOOOOO much more--and the cool thing is, it updates without needing to trade it in for a newer model one day.  The Amazon Tap is a portable version of it.  The Amazon Dot is like the Echo, but MUCH smaller, and is not meant for use in a central area; rather for use in bedrooms or wherever you did not place your Echo in your home.  These devices require a Prime subscription in the US to function properly, though the rumour is that has hired Canadians at its Toronto office to help introduce the Echo in Canada.  It DOES work in Canada if you mask your IP address, as Amazon Echo customer service will tell you (funny enough, huh?)  It WON'T offer local services, like an Uber from your CDN home but it will give you the weather if you ask for the weather in YOUR city, rather than just ask it about the weather.
  • The Amazon Fire tablet.  An average in speed, VERY cheap tablet that is meant for those who have a Prime account (but not limited to it).  You can store downloaded, normally only streamed Amazon programs on it, of course surf the web, and many other useful features that you get with a tablet.
These devices are reasonably priced, especially when they go on sale, like Echo is expected to do tomorrow, on Prime Day--a great reason to sign up for a free 30 day trial for Prime TODAY!! Also, offers a 1 week trial here so that in the least, you can experience Prime Music (and Videos) for a week without any commitments.  BTW, you can cancel your 30 day trial with Amazon Prime on your account, without it ending immediately--just not charging your card when the trial is over--BTW, get an credit card from Chase--they offer 1% cashback, no annual fee and most importantly, NO FOREIGN EXCHANGE fee!  So when you make purchases on, you won't be nailed with a typical 2.5% foreign exchange fee!

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