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Wednesday 30 March 2016

A free donut from Krispy Kreme on April 1st!

So if you're anywhere near a Krispy Kreme location, (Mavis Road in Mississauga, 162 McCaul Street or 215 Harbord Street Downtown Toronto as well as a couple of locations in Montreal), you can get a free original glazed donut when walking in to celebrate the donut harvest.  Yes, of course you know about the donut harvest.  It's been a good year for Krispy Kreme as the winter has been mild and the harvest has been aplenty!
Click here to find out more info!  It's truly a beautiful celebration and a quicker way to a cheap vacation!

Tuesday 29 March 2016

How To Earn 175K AMEX MR/Aeroplan/Avios points

If you've read my previous post regarding how to get 75K AMEX points, you'll know that 75K points will get you a long way towards your goals.  What you may not know is that if you refer your spouse for the card, you will get 25K points in your account, and s/he will get 75K for theirs, after meeting the $1K spending threshold in 3 months (just like you need to do as well).
So while the card is $699, the travel reimbursement of $200 per card per year drives the card's cost, in a sense, to $299, along with all the perks that come with the card, including airport lounge access, concierge services through AMEX's Platinum hotline, no foreign exchange fees when making purchases in other currencies, and 1.25 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent!
The way to refer your spouse is simple.  After using the link above (embedded in the pic) to apply for the card, after being accepted, as soon as you get the card, sign up for an online account (or add the card to your current profile).
After that, at the top of the AMEX online page, you'll see the dropdown menu option of "Business" the "refer a friend" link.  With it, you can refer another to a platinum card.  The easiest way is through a message through Facebook.
After your spouse gets approved, you will have the 25K showing on your account overnight!  It's that simple,  I do ask that you use my link above to begin the process as I get the same referral myself for referring you!  Much appreciated if you do!
Remember, AMEX MR points can be converted instantly to Aeroplan and within 1-2 business days to British Airways Avios points!  See other posts on Steve's Deals for further info or email me for more info!

6 Free Bagels from What A Bagel

Today is Customer Appreciation Day at What A Bagel!  They're offering 6 free bagels to all customers that walk in, but on today, March 29th, 2016!
Go to their website thru here to find the location near you! BTW, they're NOT kosher.

Monday 28 March 2016

For A Limited Time, 75K AMEX Membership Reward (MR) Points for the Platinum Card!

If, after reading this post you're interested in applying, use the link embedded in the pic above to get the 75K offer--it is NOT available through the AMEX website.

AMEX is running a special offer now on their Platinum card.  They're offering 75K Membership Reward points as a welcome bonus after meeting the spending threshold of only $1K!  It's a limited time offer and the highest welcome bonus ever offered by AMEX Canada!

75K AMEX points are worth either $750 in travel that you charge to the card (not the best use of the points), 75K Aeroplan points that can be transferred instantly to your Aeroplan account (log out of your Aeroplan account and back in after completing the transfer and you'll see the points have posted), or 93,750 Avios points the next time AMEX offers a 25% bonus to switch your points to British Airways Avios--as of tomorrow, the points transfer will be 1:1.

25K Aeroplan points will get you a long haul flight in economy class within the US/Canada--so that's worth 3 round trip tickets!  With Avios, you could get 3 round trip tickets from Toronto/Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale (for example) for 20K Avios points each--that's worth 3 1/2 round trip tickets!

Highlights of the card:

No foreign exchange fees (usually a 2.5% or higher charge for each transaction)
With the platinum card, you receive 1.25 MR points per dollar spent.

A $200 Airline reimbursement fee per year--so if you kept the card for only a year, that would be a $400 savings over the 12 month life of the card (though you may love the card so much, you'll keep it)!

Access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide, including the Platinum Lounge Benefit, the Airport Club Program, and Priority Pass for you--and at Centurion lounges, for example, at Pearson, free access to the lounge for your whole family!

There IS a $699 annual fee on the card.  If you're not satisfied with the card, you can have it downgraded and receive a prorated reimbursement for the card, though you may want to use the airline reimbursement credit first if not just for this year, but next year too!  Email me if you would like more info on how to get the most out of this credit.