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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Niagara Falls SCAM Volunteer Tax

Back on April 1st of this year, the CBC did a report on a volunteer tax that shows up on your bill in the Niagara Region that you can ask to have removed.  It goes by different names so on your bill, beside the GST, perhaps below it or above it, it may be called the Tourism Improvement Fee (TIF), Attractions and Promotions Fee (APF), Niagara Falls Destination Fee (NFDF) or Destination Productivity Fee (DPF).  Ridiculous.  An acquantance of mine put me on to this scam this morning, and explained how both at a restaurant and a hotel, he saw this on his bill, and after Googling it, he told the waiter/hotel desk worker that he won't pay it.  Both times, he was told, "no problem sir."  They removed it and gave him a new bill sans tax.
The money apparently goes into the coffers of the local businesses with NO paper trail.
Click here for the story.

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