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Monday, 11 July 2016

Why Prime 2 Day Shipping is "Useful" for Canadians--Part II of Why CDNs Should Get Amazon Prime

In this part, I'll be explaining the advantage of their most basic service, 2 day Prime Shipping--when you're not even living in the States.
Amazon Prime offers 2 day free shipping in the USA, with the option of no-rush shipping plus a $.99 credit towards the purchase of Amazon music and videos OR free Prime Pantry shipping (savings of $5.99)--useful if you have a US address.

So, what good is free shipping in 2 days to the USA?  Practically every hotel in the States will hold packages for you.  If you know in advance that you will be going down to the States, especially by car,  you'll have a lot more room to pack it all in.  It's the cheapest (free) option to send it to your hotel, with an address such as:
John Smith, Arrival Date July 21
X Hotel
5555 John Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Another option is to have the package shipped to an address of either a friend  who will send it on to you, or a better option, especially if you live in the Greater Toronto area, is to ship it to your own address in Niagara Falls, New York, not far from the Rainbow/Whirlpool Bridges. is a furniture store that will give you a "suite" number just for you, emails you to let you know when a package has arrived in your name, hold your package at no cost to you, and all this for no membership fee, just $2.99USD per package!  I've used it and it's awesome.  When you sign up for it, they will give you "your" US address. Make sure that's where you ship your packages to, and when it's convenient to pick it up, bring you ID (of course), present it to them, and they'll hand you your packages!  I'd use that address as your American address for your account.

If you know you'll be heading down there in advance, send packages with no-rush shipping.  This is an option when purchasing items being sold either by or "fulfilled" by  It will take about a week to arrive, and you'll receive either a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit (to use towards the purchase of grocery items they sell) or usually, $0.99 credits for each package you send that can be used for Amazon videos or music downloads.  Buy EACH PRODUCT SEPARATELY to get $0.99 for each package and they will tend to ship all of the orders you placed in one day in one box if they are sold by or fulfilled by  Those credit can add up pretty fast!  They do expire but they'll email before that happens, letting you know about when that would happen.  

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