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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Groupon 25% off Local Deals and Dealing With Corporate Discounts

Today,Groupon is offering 25% off up to 3 local deals.  Type in "25MORE" in the promo code line to get the deal.  ManatimesIt doesn't have to be in Toronto--if you have a city you'll be visiting, type in the city and see what local deal is available there--it doesn't cover national deals, such as Groupon goods (mattress sheets for example).  "PERFECT20" will get you 20% off on deals on Living
For example, the Entertainment Coupon Book, digital membership, $4 for 3 months (minus $1 with 25% off).  You may want to choose which deals to get 25% off on since you're limited to 3 per membership and save them for MUCH bigger discounts.  Your significant other may of course also have her/his own account too so you can get up to 6 local deals at 25% off.  Maximum value using the deal is $50 off, so for example, on one deal that costs $200, you'll save $50 and  use up your promocode allowance with "25MORE".
Always start your visit to Groupon through, so that you can get cashback for whatever your final cost at any store is, including Groupon.  Currently, Groupon is offering 6% cashback, so a $200 Groupon purchase with the promocode, plus 6% cashback, would cost you $150-$9 cashback.
I find that, Living,, and are good for attractions.  I would recommend you ALWAYS read the fine print.  We've been "Grouponed" before when we realized that the 1.5 hour drive to a farm for our girls to enjoy a farm and a pony ride was for 1 child 4 times around, not up to 4 girls one time around.
NEVER recommend you use them for home services, such as vent cleaning.  They'll tell you that you need extra cleaning that is not covered by the Groupon even though you don't need it, and then they'll also have your phone number and call you every once in a while asking to come back, even when you tell them to stop calling.  Better off going  on to and finding a legit business with good reviews.  While on the subject of going to websites to get advice, when finding a new doctor, I'd recommend you go to to find one that doesn't leave you hanging in the doctor's office for an hour (punctual) and one that will treat you with respect (not talk down to you).

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