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Monday, 11 July 2016

Why CDNs Should Get Prime NOW!, Part VI

In this last of the 6 part series, I will explain a great reason to get Prime--even just dealing with without Prime--Superb customer service, with prices that easily beat what you'd pay in Canada, even after the exchange rate.
I've been on the phone with dozens of times.  Sometimes it's because the price of an item has gone up in my shopping cart since I added it, a day, two days, a week ago, and I'd like them to honour the original price.  A couple of days ago, I called because I had placed a coupon in my account and the item in my cart, yet when I got home, the coupon had disappeared--I suppose the maximum number of people had used the coupon and checked out with it--they gave me a $5 promotional credit to make up for it.
Tomorrow, on Prime Day, will continue offering a 3 month trial of Audible--an Amazon service that normally costs around $10USD per month, and gives you access to a library of books that you can purchase at a 30% discount with the membership--not such a good deal--but when you sign up, they'll give you a $10 promotional credit on your account just for signing up for the 3 month free trial.  These are the kind of reasons that keep me coming back to  Or how about, replenishing your gift card balance on your account--place at least $100 in it, get $5 back--not a lot but it's just another one of the many deals Amazon gives you.
They have a chatline as well, and whether you can them or chat with them online, customer service is VERY important to them--their jobs depend on it as you will regularly be asked to fill out a survey as to how helpful the agent was with you.  I find the chatline people are the most generous, but over the phone they are also very generous with their desire to have you walk away satisfied after an issue arises.

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