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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Canada's version, CreditKarma.CA is UP and running!

Want your weekly credit score for FREE?  Credit Karma in the States is the best free way for Americans to get their credit score and the scores they get are similar to the scores the credit agencies in the States would give if one paid for the service (why the discrepancy has to do with a slight variation in how they figure out your score--what they stress a little more than another factor).

CreditKarma.CA is up and running so you can get it, courtesy of TransUnion (Equifax is not part of as of yet).  Make sure to answer your security questions correctly (3 of them) or you'll be locked out and have to retry in 30 days!
Click here to be redirected to your free credit score!

Sunday 13 November 2016

FINALLY! 50% Conversion Bonus! Avion to Avios! **DEAD FOR NOW**

If you have an RBC Avion card, RBC is once again, for the first time this year, offering the 50% conversion bonus, from now 'til December 17th, despite RBC's incompetent website, that still shows a 1:1 ratio when you process the conversion.  Switching your Avion points to British Airways Avios points will score you a 50% conversion bonus!  Click here to see the website's details.  Earlier this year for the first time, they only offered a 30% bonus, so now they're back to their regular offer.
The minimum points to convert are 10K.  You can convert any number of points, but they must be in increments of 1K.  For example, if all you had was 15K Avion points (the welcome bonus), you would score 22.5K Avios points.  That's enough for a flight from Toronto to Miami direct--and depending on when you wish to go, you could score enough tickets for your family, but be warned, availability during peak seasons is non-existent.  Also, flight availability with routes that used to be plentiful have dried up, in some cases, TOTALLY.  You used to be able to get plenty of flights per day through your Avios points to fly American Airlines from Toronto to LaGuardia--no longer.  Now you cannot find a single seat, whether flying business class or economy.
First, AA forced British Airways to increase the number of points it took to fly short haul flights in North America, as their rates were better than anyones, including American.  Then, they stopped supplying them with flights to NY, and likely to many other places.
I've basically given up on Avios points personally.  I'll throw some points in with my AMEX to Avios to keep my account (and my wife's) alive, and sell my Avion points.  It's worth more in cash now with the conversion than before.  But check to see if the routes you want are even available with Avios points--if so, this is the time to convert your points!

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Toronto to Beijing direct on Air Canada for $497CDN! **DEAD**

This is unbelievable--Toronto to Beijing on Air Canada for $497CDN, on flights from November to mid-May!  Check for dates that work for you on Google flights here.  To think, flights from Toronto to Vancouver on AC tend to be more expensive!

Monday 7 November 2016

How To Get 1600 Free Marriott Points + Extend Validity With SPG

If you are willing to connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to Marriott by December 7th, you'll get 500 points each AND INSTANTLY.  If you are willing to get follow Marriott on Twitter and Instagram, that will earn you an additional 50 Marriott points each.  That's 1600 in total!  Then, when you link your Marriott account to your SPG account and transfer any number of points, it will extend the validity of your SPG account (so your points don't expire if they were about to).
Click here to get the very easy process started.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

OCHO Toronto Hotel for $19CDN!

Trip Advisor rates OCHO Hotel an average of 4.5/5 stars.  November 7th, you can stay for $19CDN + $2 in taxes. Will go FAST!
Click here to see.