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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Price Glitch with Aeroplan?

Since Aeroplan introduced Market Fare and what they tag on their website as a "great deal" is largely not at all a great deal.  Market Fare is Aeroplan's answer to customer complaints that there are not enough reward seats available on flights, so Aeroplan decided to make EVERY seat on EVERY Air Canada flight available--but at a price.  As seats become more and more scarce, the number of points required to fly increases to incredibly unreasonable amounts of Aeroplan points, just so they can keep their promise.  Well, sometimes they offer deals, but while you'll get a deal on the points, they'll shaft you with the fuel surcharges, making a "great deal" a sham.
Right now, Aeroplan is, in my opinion, either accidentally offering OR doing this as a publicity stunt to get people to look at Aeroplan as a more viable option than competitors such as British Airways Avios.  It could simply be because Air Canada prices for the flight at the time period listed below allows them to offer such a low price.
Interested in flying to Hong Kong from Toronto?  Right now, such a flight between September and April 2017 is going for as little as $1000 with Air Canada.  Aeroplan is having both direct and 1 stopover in Vancouver flights from as little as $74 and only 56K (for those with Black Distinction status and around 60K for those with no status) and change in Aeroplan points.  Regularly, a flight from Toronto to Hong Kong, with fixed mileage is the maximum number of points for any flight, 125K Aeroplan points.  Normally, market fare taxes are lower than fixed mileage, though in this case, the differential is insignificant.
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