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Saturday 17 August 2019

50% Off A DoorDash Order Works In Canada. ACT FAST!

If you use the link embedded into the pic above and are new to Doordash, use it to take you to the Doordash page, when signing up through my referral (thank you SOOO much!), you'll get 50% off your first order (maximum value $15 off)!  NOT your first order, keep reading!
If this isn't your first order, this limited time deal detailed below is also only good for up to $15 off but $15 off $30 (or more) is pretty good!
If you've never ordered from them, they're like UberEats. They charge about the same price for the food but they charge a delivery charge (unless you sign up for free deliveries but that's $9.99/month) and a fee for their service.
KNOW that apparently the "tip" does NOT go to the drivers, so when placing your order, change the tip to "0" if you can place the order that way.  If not, put in 50 cents.  You can always tip the driver when they show up.
When placing the order, on the checkout screen, add promo code "MISSYOU" to grab the deal!
Again, if you've never placed an order with doordash, or even if you have, please use the link embedded into the pic above so that I can get a referral and YOU can get apparently, 50% off your first order!  My thoughts, use your new member status to get the 50% off, and then place another order using the MISSYOU promo code to get ANOTHER 50% off up to $15!
Kosher Restaurants in Toronto include:
  • Ba-Li Laffa
  • Bistro Grande
  • Cafe Sheli
  • Dr. Laffa
  • Ely's Fine Foodsd
  • Grodzinski Bakery
  • Marron Bistro
  • Pizza Cafe
  • 3SK Cafe

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