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Friday, 23 February 2018

How To Double Dip-$100 Off Thermostat AND $75 From The Electric Company!

Save on Energy, an Ontario Green Fund program, is giving customers that buy a Smart Thermostat, wifi compatible, $100 back, EVEN if you buy it in the States (  That means $175 of savings off an Ecobee or Nest brand thermostat!  If you just keep your old Honeywell Peaksaver Plus thermostat, your eligible for only the $75 from Alectra (or your local electric provider likely also offers it--as a $50 rebate on your March bill and $25 in the fall) as it is not wifi and doesn't qualify for the $100 deal, which is on Ecobee and Nest Smart Thermostats.

As they are two different programs, Save On Energy does not see it as double dipping NOR does Alectra (I spoke to reps in both programs)--just apply for the $75 cash back on your electric bill with your current Peaksaver Plus Honeywell thermostat or newly purchased and installed Nest or Ecobee thermostat after December 13th, 2017.  Then after applying for the $75, buy the wifi thermostat of your choice and get another $100 cashback!

Here's a comparison of Nest vs. Ecobee, as to which will suit you better.

Consumer Reports rated the Nest 3rd generation, #1, with an 83% rating, while suprisingly, the Ecobee model 3 or 4 rated at 60%.  They liked the Smart features better on the Nest and its automation (ability to function well without intervention from the user).  The comparison link above discusses the Nest's cheaper version, the Thermostat E, which it does NOT like for the reasons outlined in the article.

The Nest, 3rd Gen, is going for $228USD on  The Ecobee 3 (better than the 4 in some ways) with 3 home sensors is being sold on Amazon for $234USD.
In Canada,  a 3rd party seller has it from as little as $249CDN! TAX FREE!!  I bought it from "SC Export" in new condition, a new 3rd party seller.  ALWAYS BEWARE of new sellers--I'm taking a chance though as the company claims to have several in stock, is located in Quebec, and as mentioned, no tax from 3rd party sellers.  Cheaper in Canada AND TAX FREE--that's a rarity!!  If you buy it directly from, there WILL be tax, and it's already more expensive.

To see how you can save on your energy bill BY THE HUNDREDS, read THIS post.


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