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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

35% Off On Starwood Point Purchases--Save THOUSANDS!!

So a relative of mine was looking to stay at the Residence Inn in West Palm Beach.  A king suite with a full kitchen, their smallest room, was going for over $3600CDN for 10 nights. 
I suggested she get the AMEX SPG personal credit card.  With that card, and through the referral, she'll get 20K SPG points and I'll get 5K SPG for the referral, which I'll gift to her.
With the current sale that SPG is offering on purchasing points (35% off), she would need to buy the maximum number of points allowed to be purchase and deposit them in my account (30K SPG for $682.50USD (normally $1050USD)).  She'll put the purchase of points on her card, along with her flights.  Altogether, that will meet her $1500 spending threshold to get the 20K SPG points.
Totalling it, she'll have 20K for the welcome bonus, 5K that I'm gifting to her for the referral, 30K that she bought, and 1500 x 2 (double points for an SPG charge hopefully--normally only for an SPG hotel but this MAY count), giving her a total of 58K SPG points.  That will transfer at no charge into 172K Marriott points.  The 10 night stay (with the 5th and 10th night being free with Marriott/SPG) will cost her 200K Marriott points, so she'll still need to buy an additional 9500 SPG points to comfortably cover it for $216.13USD.
That means, she'll pay $120 for the annual fee (which if she cancels it early to get a different AMEX card will be prorated back to her as a refund), almost $900USD for the points she needs to buy, and instead of spending $3600CDN, she'll stay on points and pay $1134CDN, so for around $1200 if you include the annual fee: SAVINGS: $2400CDN!
Take advantage of the SPG 35% bonus offer before it ends at 11:59pm ET on March 16th, 2018!

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