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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

$431CDN For A NEW Galaxy S8 & S8+ On Sale On Samsung USA? HOW??

DEAD--It's up to $696 with no free bluetooth headset.

I don't regularly write about deals for items in the States, but this is a very good deal so here we go:

Samsung is looking to clear out their inventory of, well, at least, the Verizon versions (unlocked) of the Galaxy S8 and 8+ phones as the S9s are coming out next month.  The S9s are apparently just incrementally better--same amount of memory, same size screen--the only real difference, and it's minor, is camera features.  Consumer Reports rates the S8 as the best phone on the market.  The S8+, along with the S8 Active and the Iphone S8+ tie for 2nd place.  It will say "Verizon on the phone" but other than that, it's compatible with most worldwide carriers--including Wind (and of course Bell, Rogers, Fido, etc.).

They're also offering up to $300USD cashback on a trade-in on your purchase!  When you click "Buy now," you'll be offered the the options for what devices will grant you how much off your new S8/S8+ purchase.

The Samsung sale (minus 3% EBates cashback if you go through their website) has the S8 going for $556USD and the S8+ (slightly larger screen but not as ergonomic as the S8) is $640.  You'll want to send it to a US address as they don't ship to Canada (competes with Samsung Canada at $1034 ($1168 taxes in) and $1114 ($1259 taxes in) CDN--you better off preordering an S9 or S9+ online in Canada from for "only" $960 ($1085 taxes in) and $1100 for the S9+ ($1243).

If you buy the S8 or S8+ from the US Samsung, you'll be maxing out your exemption allowance if you stay in the States (or have someone bring it in for you) for 48+ hours (2 overnights).

It's free expedited shipping, shipping out the week of March 25th, to your US address (a hotel, a friend, NYAddress.CA), and the best part is currently, it comes with a Samsung bluetooth headset with $200USD, that you should be able to sell in Canada.  On, they are starting at $350CDN so that will further help to subsidize your phone's cost.

If you ship it to Florida, you're looking at $38 in taxes ($10 more to NY state),-- so the S8 will cost you just under $600USD ($594USD) without a trade-in, and with the free $200USD headset.  With EBates 3% cashback, you'll be paying $576USD--that's about $731CDN--that's $354CDN cheaper than buying an S9 in Canada--and that doesn't include the headphones you'll be selling--assuming you sell them for $300CDN, that's mean you paid $431CDN--that's $654CDN cheaper than buying the S9 in Canada!

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