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Saturday, 2 April 2016

SUPER HHHOT! Fly to Israel with Aeroplan for 27K Points!! Paris for 15,100!!!

If you go to and choose dates next year, tickets with Market Fare are going for as little as 27K points return!  Of course, they get you on the fuel surcharges, but even with the $696 in fuel surcharges plus 27K points, it may well be worth it to you if:

You're trying to fly out a family (or even without) and can't be bothered with stopovers
You like flying with AC
The dates I found at that rate,
Sunday February 5- Sunday February 19
I imagine there are MANY other destinations that have the same type of deal--for example, Paris--thought there is clearly a glitch in the system when it states "flights from 15100" and then the total comes out to 39K+ for some flights, with others it works.

For Paris, if you choose the flight out on the 5th at 2pm coming back at 11:30am, you'll pay 15100 AP points plus $588.36!!  That's insane considering a regular flight to Paris with economy is quadruple that--60K.

Of course, the time of year is not the best to fly, but you can still find significant drops in the number of AP points anytime between January and March 23 (furthest date to book by as of tonight).
Pick your destination and play around to see what YOU can find!

BTW, I tried one Caribbean destination--no dice.  Regular price.

You may want to take the AP "pay all with miles" option but it's a ripoff--unless you're oozing in Aeroplan points and are so broke, you spell broke--brok, you'd be nuts to use AP points to pay in lieu of cash (as per my previous post)--you'd be better of using AMEX points, though again, using AMEX points in lieu of cash is not the best use of them--but if you have a lot of them and you're short on pesos, choose that option, rather than converting the points to Aeroplan and then paying for your taxes with AP points.

For more info on the AMEX Platinum card, to get you 75K AMEX points(or 100K) to convert to AP points instantly, one-to-one or Avios points one-to-one, click here.

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