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Saturday, 2 April 2016

More Incredible Aeroplan deals--even in the summer!

Just checked and currently, Aeroplan has tickets from Toronto to Sydney for not 90K Aeroplan points in economy, but 49,500 with no distinction status (48.5K for Black Distinction) plus the fuel surcharge of 888.06.  There is still a glitch in the system as they claim to charge 48.5K (or a bit less with different levels of Distinction status) but it depends on your flight choice.  I chose the flight leaving Toronto on Sunday July 3 at 8:15pm, returning 2 weeks later on the 17th at 10:10am and it worked--for other flights, it came out to more points despite the claim of "starting from 49.5K when it was the only flight at that point level for 1 leg of it.  It's a glitch.

Is it worth it for $888?  Again, for the convenience of flying out of Toronto (instead of some great deal you MAY get down the line out of NY or LA) and getting the whole family on at that price, perhaps.  On AC, it's going for $1553 and with Air NewZealand, through TripAdvisor, $1476, so at 48.5K or so AP points return, it's a good deal!

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