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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Register for New Airline Program, Get 250 Miles Free
Click on the pic to above to preregister for AerClub from Aer Lingus and get 250 points!
While 250 free AerClub points won't get you a flight to the moon, it will be a foot in the door that you may find very usefulm later on.  I'll explain... is affiliated with two different airlines--of course you have heard of British Airways (BA) Avios, but there's also Iberia Avios (Iberia is a Spanish airline affiliated with the Avios point program).

Well, Aer Lingus, the Irish airline that is also part of the One World Alliance along with the other two Avios' as well as several airlines around the world (including US Airways/American, Air Berlin, and many others), is changing their point system in July of 2016 to Avios.
We know that Iberia Avios is a pain to book online.  You HAVE to call them to make a booking.  We know they only allow return trip flights with their points, but there ARE advantages.  For example, while BA Avios allows you to book one way, it also increased the points for short haul flights from 4500 points economy one-way, from NYC to Toronto for example, to 7500, to match with many other point systems, including Aeroplan.  Iberia Avios did NOT increase the points for a return short haul--it's still only 12K points--3K cheaper than with BA Avios.  BTW, you'd be flying with AA.
Iberia adds together the miles to get from your destination, through whatever stopover you need, to your final destination.  Toronto to New York falls within zone 2, which is 12000 return.

AerClub will give you one more option that may prove lucrative, depending on where you're going in the future.  Can't hurt to sign up!  I don't see anywhere on the website where it states that you'll get 250 miles at a future date but that's what I'm ready out there.

Click on the pic above to preregister.  Scroll down to find where to type in your first name and email address.  You won't be checking off the Gold Member box, as you won't have status.

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