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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Fly From Buffalo From $34USD One Way, Taxes In!

Click on the pic to get taken to the Frontier website
Frontier is having another sale.  They have one crazy one today (sorry I didn't report it) if you're last name is Green/Greene, you fly free, but this one is still decent, prices quoted are one-way in USD starting from:
Buffalo to Orlando from $34
Buffalo to Raleigh/Durham from $44
Buffalo to Denver from $59

Buy by August 14th and fly between August 16th and October 10th.

As a charter airline, it does not include anything more in luggage than a personal item that you take with you on board.  It's cheaper to book luggage online, and checked in bags are cheaper rather carry-on ones, surprisingly.  Back in 2009, it looked like they might be absorbed by Southwest, but they managed to get out of bankruptcy protection, and it's been ten years since then, so they seem to not be going away anytime soon.

Their Buffalo to Miami route was unfortunately cancelled, and personally I wouldn't fly them for anything other than a direct flight, as their stopovers can be notoriously long.

I've flown to Orlando on Frontier, and other than them cancelling our flight 10 days before and "rescheduling" us after moving our flight time over drastically, months earlier, the $100 vouchers they give for inconveniences make up for it.  If you can't use these vouchers over the next 90 days to book another flight, ask for a supervisor who may be able to offer it to you for bookings in a YEAR into the future.  You can also use the vouchers towards added luggage allowances, including carry-on, with which you get a seat closer to the front if you choose to add a carry-on.

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