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Saturday 17 August 2019

2020 Wonderland Season Pass SUPER SPECIAL DEAL ends today for $73.99--August 18!

Click on the pic above to be taken to the Wonderland Season's Pass page!

Wonderland has never offered new subscribers to the season pass a free Fast Pass Plus (good for all the big coasters) NOR anything more than a one time use pass, but this year, ending tomorrow, they're offering a free Fast Pass Plus (but ONLY to be used after the Labour Day weekend) AND a season's pass for the rest of 2019 along with the 2020 Season's Pass!
If you are a renewer, you get the Fast Pass Plus, which IS good to be used immediately, through the Labour Day weekend and beyond until they close October 27th.
You'll want to pick up a parking pass, but they don't seem to be offering that online for 2020 yet, only for the rest of 2019.
There are 3 type of season's passes as of this year.  The regular one won't let you into the park for their brand new WinterFest or the Halloween Haunt for 2020.  It's $73.99+ tax.
The Gold one will let you into the both WinterFest and Halloween Haunt for 2020, along with Halloween Haunt for 2019.  It's an evening event with some roller coasters open and lots of scary things going on at the park (not for my family--never gone). It's $99+ tax.
The Platinum pass will get you FREE parking and access to ALL Cedar Fair parks.  I've done this before and it's worth it if you plan to hit Cedar Point (the flagship amusement park) in Sandusky, Ohio, or Knotts Berry Farm (in Los Angeles)--it's fantastic.  The best is if you have the time and hit several of the Cedar Fair chain across America over the summer.  We've done this a couple of years back and it was totally worth it. It's $197+ tax, which is, BTW, the CHEAPEST platinum pass you'll find in the entire Cedar Fair chain.  Depending on which one you buy it at, you'll pay a different price.  The platinum one is great as at many in the Cedar Fair chain, the water park is a separate park than the amusement park--thank goodness not separated yet at Wonderland.  Expect this to happen in the next coming couple of years to encourage you to pay more than double for a pass to get access to both parks.
The all season drink pass is a great value if you're into the junky drinks, especially the option to make your own drinks at one of their Hundred Flavours of Coke machines.
The all season Funpix, which allows you to always take the pics that they take of you on the roller coasters is great.  You just show your pass and they'll upload the pics into your account, which you can access through the Wonderland app available on both the Apple store and Google Play Store.
The all season food option is also amazing IF you don't keep kosher.  If you do, your options are pretty much nil.  There is kosher food available at one restaurant that they will bring in, but last I checked, it's not eligible for the kosher food.
I would personally take the kids on weekday mornings between Monday to Thursday (not including holidays) for a couple of hours in the morning before the lines get nasty.

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