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Friday, 1 December 2017

HOT!! Calvin Klein Men's Suit from Men's Wearhouse From $50USD or $89.15CDN!!

Men's Wearhouse is having a clearance sale.  They have several styles with different sizes in stock.  If you ship to Canada, the suit is $89.15 plus $34.46 shipping--but if you buy 2 suits, they'll ship it for free.  You'll still be possibly dinged with a customs brokerage fee and taxes by Canada Post or...
Send it to a US address, be it, a hotel, or a friend's/relative's house, get free shipping and minimal NY state tax--and if you know someone with a US phone, have them text "mw" to 66960 and you'll get a code for $10USD off your purchase, bringing the cost of the suit down to $50USD +$2.38 NY State tax.  Be sure to change your country to the US at the bottom of the screen, clicking on the Canadian flag, "Quick Links" and switching it--"Proceed as a US Customer".

Act FAST!!--And of course, before checking out, open a new tab, go to the Men's Warehouse through it and save an additional 4% cashback, bringing the cost down to about $50 total!
Click here and see which suits are only $60, including the main one that shows on the link.

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