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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Seat Sale AND $60 Air Canada Giftcard!

Until November 19th, 11:59pm EST, if you purchase any flight on Air Canada's website, and check out with "Masterpass," you'll get a $60 gift card for Air Canada.  It CANNOT be used for paying the taxes on an Aeroplan ticket, as Aeroplan's checkout system does not allow for gift cards of any kind.

Look for the ad above just before you get to the checkout screen.  If you don't see it, the deal may be over.

You'd be wise to get 2 one-way tickets rather than 1 roundtrip ticket so that you can take advantage of the deal twice.  Don't let an Air Canada agent tell you that buying a round trip ticket is cheaper.  I confronted an agent on the phone today about their claim and proved them wrong.  In fact, in the scenario I was in, the ticket was $30 CHEAPER, despite the fare sale, and despite that it's one-way travel.

Masterpass is a lot like PayPal--after signing up, you can use any major credit card, INCLUDING AMEX, as your funding source.  So if you have AMEX points that you'd like to use towards a flight, you'll charge your AMEX card through Masterpass, use your AMEX points online to cover the costs, and get a $60 gift card for Air Canada mailed to you within 3 weeks of your online purchase.  This deal is limited to the first 12,500 people that take advantage of this deal.  It can be used in combination with up to one more gift card, along with a credit card to pay off any outstanding amount.  It can be used for on flight purchases and taxes too.

Apparently, as long as the ticket you used to get the gift card is still valid when you receive and use the gift card, it remains valid even if you have cancelled the ticket--well, what are they going to do if you've used it up and THEN cancel your flight?  Nothing, of course.

Air Canada has a seat sale that ends tonight, so you can double dip--though I find with their seat sales, that only the seats that are already reasonably priced are the ones that go on sale.

Oh, and NO--you cannot buy a ticket for a child unaccompanied, online, to take advantage of the deal.  And NO, purchasing a ticket with an AC agent does not lead to a Masterpass offer.

1 comment:

  1. A great deal, I hope tickets bought using this don't end up facing flight delays and cancellations. There are services like but still the time wasted cannot be recovered.