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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Find Out About Secret Savings At Tonight's Steve's Deals Seminar!

Not only will you find out more about the deals I discuss on my website and be able to ask questions relevant to you and your vacation goals, you'll find out deals that are not given out to the general public, but only if you come to the Steve's Deals Seminar, in Thornhill, tonight at 8pm!
Included topics will be:

  • How to get basically free accommodations, using points, that will be large enough to host a family of 6
  • Rental Cars
  • General Savings
  • Grocery Savings
  • How to buy and where to ship products in the US
Did I not mention it's FREE?  If you don't come, you clearly want to overpay for vacations or think you know it all, but that can't be!!  Look forward to your registration for tomorrow night!
Register here.

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