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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WOW Airlines Ain't So WOW At All

Want flights on the Icelandic airline WOW to their newest destination--Tel Aviv?  Flights in October from Toronto to Tel Aviv, with an overnight stopover in Iceland starts as low as $199 CDN one way (VERY limited availability now)!  But that barely includes the air.  One personal item that is 17" x 13" x 10" is free, but unless you are willing to pay $50USD in advance ($70USD at check-in) for a carry-on bag that meets THEIR standards (if it's slightly bigger, they can nail you with an additional $60USD), $70USD in advanced for a regular checked-in bag up to 44 lbs.
No wifi, no entertainment, no drinks or food at that price or the next class up.  Only their business class includes food.
A WOW plus ticket includes: a carry-on, a checked bag, cancellation protection, and priority boarding.  The business class ticket includes all that, extra legroom, and food.
United has fought back with a fall sale, with return trip tickets from Newark to Tel-Aviv direct for $616USD.  This includes the regular overseas allowance for a checked in bag and carry on, and of course, food.
You can cancel and get a full refund more than 24 hours in advance if you email them with your cancellation confirmation.  That's already better than United and most of the other airlines that don't allow that option.

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