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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Future of Aeroplan and What To Do

So by now, everyone should have heard about  how Air Canada will reabsorb its frequent flyer miles program and leave Aeroplan to the wolves.  Good they gave three years notice (June 29, 2020).  If you have American Express Membership Rewards points that you convert to Aeroplan (or British Airways Avios), you will be happy you've invested your credit card option in a card that you only convert points as you need them to frequent flyer mileage programs.  Click HERE for business and click HERE for the personal version to find out why AMEX is the way to go, especially with the welcome bonuses offered on the personal and business cards!  The posts are not new, but they are still up to date.
This is important as you never know when (NOT if) a frequent flyer plan will devalue their program, rendering it less lucrative.  This is partly why I recommend the AMEX Membership Rewards card.  Years back, I took a flight with my family to South Africa and Israel with Aeroplan points.  Whatever points I short, I instantly transferred them into Aeroplan as I had the agent on the line making the booking.  I still use my AMEX points the same way, as I find there's never a need to rush to convert points to Aeroplan--to other airlines such as BA Avios or Alitalia, you may need to as the conversion process can take a couple of business days or longer.
So the future of Aeroplan...doesn't look good.  If I owned shares in Aimia (assuming they're a publicly traded company), I would have LOVED some insider trade's notice as the stock must have taken a trip to the toilet after the news got out last week.
I think Aeroplan will implode.  All of the Star Alliance will go with AC's new system, leaving Aeroplan without its partner airlines.  So will the credit card company's--TD, CIBC, and AMEX will all jump ship to AC's new program.  Aeroplan may attempt to, in the short term, offer some tempting deals to credit card holders or super new welcome bonuses, but at the end, it will all be for naught.
It may offer YOU some super short term opportunties to pick up some Aeroplan welcome bonuses to use to book flights as far as June 20, 2021 (within Air Canada's 356 day booking window) but then, your points will be as useless as Spirit Airline and Air Miles points.

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