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Monday, 24 April 2017

IHG Hotel Point Breaks Are Out!

Today, IHG posted it's IHG Point Breaks.  It means stays cost (in cash value) about $30USD per night for any stay listed on their list.  Click here for the newest list of IHG Hotels around the world that are allowing one to stay for only 5K IHG Points per night!
Included is the Holiday Inn Finger Lakes region this time!
IHG allows for up to 200 reservations per hotel, for as long a stay as you would wish between May 1 and July 30th.  Each IHG member can make up to 2 reservations per hotel.
Through the Daily Getaways website you can purchase IHG points at a discount.  Through this link, you can purchase 15K IHG points for $89 USD.  With Point Breaks, that's just under $30USD per night for a 3 night stay, and through Daily Getaways, you can purchase more points if you wish.

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