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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fiix did it again!

I had Fiix auto repair come to my home and replace my brakes and switch my winter to all seasons.  The mechanic called before he came, was on time for me (considering I was running late), and was totally professional.

Fiix will come to your home at a time that is convenient, and they are able to do over 20 different type of repairs right in your own driveway!

I was concerned that they could not fix rotors if they needed fixing--that they could only replace them.  Well as it turns out, both my front and back rotors were fine, and the brakes, while not on their last leg (but one), cost a reasonable price.  They even let you choose (if you wish) which brand of parts you want to use on your vehicle, be it original manufacturer or after market but well-rated (or a different after market brand).  The price was several hundred less than the dealership was going to charge me for the same work.  Though the dealership would use original parts, that's not always the best, as some items ARE rated higher that are after market.

I went with Raybestos after market brand, as they got good reviews on

My neighbour needed help getting their tires switched over so after he was done with me, he helped them out too (I'm sure it wasn't free but they were expecting to pay).

He even threw in the tire change and switched the windshield wiper that I'd bought at Costco (Michelins in all sizes for $9.99--you can't beat that).

I thought that perhaps they could not be trusted like the dealership, but considering he took the time to show me the brakes, rotors, and show how the rotors were fine (so they didn't make more money on it), I will be calling them again!

Use the link in the pic above for $10 off any work with Fiix!

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