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Friday, 3 February 2017


While I planned on retiring, I decided to keep it running but on a limited update basis. is my domain host, and boy did I learn a lesson from dealing with them.
Here are some points that you should always do:

  • Record your conversations.  There are smartphone apps such as ACR that will allow you to record your phone conversations. In Ontario and many other jurisdictions, as long as one person is aware it is being recorded, it CAN be legally recorded.  You won't be using it in a court, but you will be able to let them know, if they don't hold up their end, that you've recorded the conversation, the date and time of it, when you hit a snag with whatever company you dealt with that is giving you a hard time.
  • Speak to a supervisor when you're not getting satisfaction.  Even if the customer rep tells you that a supervisor will tell you the same thing.  Usually, they just don't want to get in trouble. Supervisors usually know more and have more power to compensate if you've been wronged.
  • They usually record all conversations, so welcome them to listen to the one that you recorded and the date and time of the recording.  Even tell them how long the call lasted so they know that you've got 'em.
  • When a supervisor won't help, you can ask to speak to THEIR supervisor.  Doesn't always work as sometimes the supervisor is the highest person in the department but worth a try.  Unfortunately, you can't prove that they're lying about no one who can help you above them.  I've gone up to a VP level before to get satisfaction, at which point, they'll give you compensation and offer the jerk supervisor and customer service person a "retraining" opportunity.
  • Be prepared to go to your credit card provider to have the charge "charged back".  Companies HATE it as it's a lot of paperwork for them and they'll charge you (in my case, a $50 admin fee with GoDaddy) if you still wish to deal with them.  Only use this option when you plan on NOT purchasing anything from the service provider/merchant. Get over it if you do "lose."  I lost with GoDaddy in a sense as I spent hours of my life trying to resurrect my website, after I was charged DOUBLE--10 years worth of renewal service when on the final screen where I entered my credit card info, I chose 5 years.  They were absolutely horrible about it because I was left with no choice but to go to the credit card company to have it charged back.  THEY HATE WHEN YOU DO THAT.
  • Even with a supervisor involved, and promises from that supervisor, AND a recorded conversation, another supervisor may not obide by the decision made by a previous one--case in point, GoDaddy, that REFUSED to obide by the decision of a previous supervisor.  Promises were made as to when my website would be back in action and what I would, in addition to the admin fee, get as a bonus, that was not honoured. 
  • Consider print screening EVERY final checkout screen and saving it, as online companies' websites DO have glitches, and they WON'T necessarily honour or even admit that it was their fault at all (case in point, GoDaddy that states that you accept all terms and conditions, that they believe includes paying for unauthorized charges to your credit card).
Is this a bitching session against GoDaddy--partly--I did everything right, including going after them on FB, which they have the right to approve (which usually works with other companies), but it did nothing with them. Suing is too much trouble financially and emotionally.  Bottom line, BUYER BEWARE!!!

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