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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Amazon.CA Free SAME DAY Shipping is Terrific!

So I got a half price deal on Amazon.CA Prime. by speaking to someone (I took it up to a supervisor's level) as I explained, I'm already paying for Prime, so, considering I'm already paying for that, and I'm like to give Amazon.CA Prime a chance to see if I'm going  to use the service, as I usually buy most things from the States, and then go pick it up at an opportune time, I gave Amazon.CA Prime a chance today and it passed with flying colours!
I've got shoulder and neck pain, and the time had come to purchase a neck and shoulder heating pad.  It was Sunday, but that doesn't stop Amazon.CA from boasting same day delivery in the GTA and Vancouver if the order is placed before 12pm (minimum $25 order, otherwise, 2 day free shipping). So I placed the order, chose free same day shipping (why would anyone choose 2-day shipping who has the same day option????) and it was guaranteed delivery by 9pm tonight.  It showed up around 7:45pm.  The guy rang the door bell in rapid succession, left it at the door and waved to me as I opened the door to get it.  SOOOO much better than wasting time walking into a store to get it--and yes, it was about $5+lower taxes cheaper than, and yes, even sold it for $3 less, but that convenience of free same day shipping can't be beat!
For $79 a year with a free month to start, you not only get free same day shipping in the GTA, but access to, which is mostly Amazon TV programs.  These programs are PHENOMENAL. I don't watch regular TV (expect for Supergirl, which even then, I watch CWTV on line) as I can't be bothered to bring that trash into my home AND pay for it.  Amazon has fabulous programming, including Man In The High Castle (possibly the best drama TV EVER), Mozart In The Jungle, Goliath (coming soon--why they didn't release ALL the Amazon Prime programs at once to Canada, who knows) and  MANY more excellent programs. You can download them onto your Android  device as well. Of course, let Netflix, the US version is WAAAAY better (more content) due to Canada's archaic copyright regs, but it still is worth the money for the convenience of the shipping, and PrimeVideo is a nice added plus!
It also includes 30 minute early access to lightning deals (limited time specials 'til they sell out or time runs out on it), free storage of all your pics, and Twitch, which includes discounted video games and a newsletter.
Try it out free!  Students can get it for free for SIX months!  Click here to get more info. For everyone else, click on the top right, assuming you have an account (or account will work just as well if you're on the .CA version) on "Try Prime" for more info.

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