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Friday, 19 August 2016

Wanna Order a Horse From Europe & Ship it Fed Ex? Wanna meet Sting? Black Eyed Peas? AMEX Concierge Will Arrange It...Maybe...

Since getting my AMEX Biz Plat, I've been trying to learn what I can about the benefits, and here's a great one (BTW, yes, FREE--a premium AMEX Business Platinum card, with a total of 80K Membership Rewards points through the method described in THIS link:

AMEX offers its platinum (including biz plat) holders access to its concierge service.  They will handle practically anything.  For example, I asked them to find me a patio swing with mosquito netting.  Raccoons killed the last one, right down beyond the cushions to the material--one day, fell right through it. ):  They asked me for an example.  I showed them one on the CDN Tire website though they're sold out at this time of year.  They offered me an email or phone response--I'm good with email.  They'll get in touch with CDN Tire's distributor and see what they can do.  WOW!!

I also tried to get cheap tickets for a Mirvish production starting in mid December, but though they have a deal with Ticket King (that sells the tickets), it's NOT a deal, just good seats.

Craziest deals that Marina @ Amex Concierge told me about--ordering a horse from Europe and shipping it overnight with Fed Ex.  Crazy!  How about meeting a famous musician?  They can arrange it, but for THAT, you'll pay extra--perhaps as much as $10K or 1 million AMEX points.

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