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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Whether Residing in the US or Canada, For $40 - $2 Wind is the Best Deal

I've had Wind Mobile now for a few months and have been quite happy with the service.  If you live State side or in a major Canadian city, Wind has a LOT going for it, especially price. Here's why:
Right now, you can get the following for $40CDN (if you've never had Wind before--introductory price for new customers):

  • No contract at all--price apparently will remain the same as long as you don't cancel
  • 5GB full-speed data (3GB data + 2GB bonus)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited global texting
  • Unlimited Canada/U.S. picture/video texting 
  • $5/month in service credits when you bring your own phone, making US texting, calling, and LTE data only $10CDN extra
  • Voicemail+
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
  • World Saver add-on (International talk from 1¢/min to over 200 countries & unlimited global text)
  • If you go to the States for a few days or a couple of weeks, Wind doesn't really charge you $15/month for great LTE US service (on the T-Mobile/AT&T network), but only charges you a pro-rated charge per 10 days increments, so you're really paying $5 every 10 days, which means if you don't use your $5 credit in a month and spend a week in the States on vacation or business, you can add-on US roaming and remove it when you return and virtually pay nothing but the tax on it.  NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO BEATING THIS.
  • For Americans in the US, if you have a T-Mobile phone, Wind's SIM card will work in your phone.  If you're no longer on a contract with T-Mobile, you can switch and pay $60.15 tax included (about $48USD) - any discount for multiple lines on the same account.
You'll want to turn off roaming in Canada to be sure you're not accidentally using up your $5/month in service credits for going onto a competitor's network unless you REALLY need to be able to access everything everywhere, and you find out that possibly there are holes in the Wind network at work or on the commute home.

LTE is apparently coming across Canada to Wind this year, as is nation wide service after the buyout of Wind by Shaw Communications late last year.  Currently, it's 3G/4G, which is pretty slow compared to LTE or a good Wifi service, but if that's good enough for you, it's worth trying it.

I bought on eBay 2 brand new T-Mobile phones and they work great on the Wind Network--cost me around $250 each for Samsung Galaxy S5s.  No regrets. I locked in at $39-$2 for 2 lines.  The best deal on cell phones--save that $ (as you wish they had LTE already and get perhaps a little aggrivated) for your next vacation compared to going with Rogers, Bell or Fido.

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