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Monday, 9 May 2016

AMEX USA Platinum 100K Membership Reward Point Offer!-DEAD

Dead.  Died this a.m., May 9th, of natural causes.
If you've never had the US AMEX Platinum offer before, and you have a Social Security Number, this is the time to apply!  After hitting a spending threshold of $3K USD, you'll get 100K AMEX Membership Reward points!  This is NOT a public offer and I do not get anything for you using this link.  It's an incredible card, with lounge access for your family at Pearson's Centurion Lounge as well as all the other Centurion lounges out there.  There are other lounges around the world that you will have access to (Maple Leaf is generally not included).  No foreign exchange fee, a $200 airline reimbursement fee per year that you can use that in a sense, drops the cost of this card down to $50USD--$450 minus the $200 for this year and the $200 for next year!  The CDN version of this card isn't close to as useful.  For example, in Canada, you can convert your points to Aeroplan or Avios, but in the US, there are several other airlines you can convert your points to, including Flying Blue (Air France).
US AMEX cards also give dozens of offers on every card that change regularly.  You can add any or all of the offers to your card.  For example, last week, they gave some card holders a Samsung Pay offer of spend $20 using Samsung Pay (available at many stores in the States), and get back a $10 refund on your statement.  They also offer other interesting offers that won't show up on your AMEX online account.  Back late last year, they offered a free Uber ride from LaGuardia with a promo code up to (I believe it was) $70 if you showed up at the LaGuardia Centurion lounge (during their open hours) and showed your airline ticket to them.
If you convert your points to CDN AMEX points, it's done as if you were exchanging US to CDN dollars!  You can only do one conversion every 365 days, but in today's money, that would be over 125K AMEX points!
Little time to apply as this link may die on the operating table by day's end!  It's the highest offer that is ever offered for the US AMEX Platinum!

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