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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 Now Has Same Day Shipping! is playing catch-up with the US version by offering customers in Toronto and Vancouver same day shipping if ordered before approximately 12 noon.  It's free and only available to Prime customers--you know, Prime, $79 for 2 day shipping in Canada with no Amazon Prime Videos and no Prime Music like Americans get.  Bitter?  Not really-I've got and so that I can get Amazon Prime Video and Music--it's great--and it may be coming to Canada next year, but I wouldn't count on it being as large a variety of shows and music with Canada's ancient copyright laws.
BTW, if you ever ordered with free super saver shipping for orders over $35 (now instead of $25) you'll know that it would arrive in 2 days, making Prime a waste of $79, but apparently, since Canada Post expedited was moving too fast, Amazon trucks are delivering the packages instead, and taking 4+ days for super saver shipping to arrive now, making Prime more attractive an option now, especially with same day shipping now if you live in TO or Vancouver.

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