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Thursday, 16 November 2017

VERY HOT!!! Buffalo to Miami for $40-$48USD Return, Taxes In? YES!!

Click on the pic above to be redirected to Frontier Airlines' website. Act FAST!!

Fly November 28-February 14th out of Buffalo Airport with Frontier Airlines, and fly for $20 each way on select flights!  This includes (of course) late January and early February!
Yes, with Frontier, you have to basically pay for air and a closed window (LOL) but seriously, you can take one bag with you on flights that can fit under a seat.  Checked luggage is cheaper than full size carry-on ($35 compared to $25) when you book it when you book your ticket.
A family of 7 would pay $324.80USD!!  It's cheaper if you're a member of their "Discount Den"-but for these prices ($4 more), it's may not be worth the $49.99USD to join--with it, you can fly 6 people out at the discounted rate, so for a family of 7, you'd save $48 for the return trip.  The membership is good for one year--but then, you'll also have bragging rights, to tell your grandchildren about the $20 flights you got out of BUF! ;)
Frontier has been around for years, but they expanded their routes with 4 new routes out of Buffalo back in July, and clearly they want to stay competitive!
A round trip bag, in CDN$, will cost you around $75 per bag.
The flights are at very reasonable hours too!
Act FAST!!!

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