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Saturday, 4 February 2017

How To Get A Platinum AMEX Business Card, SPG/Marriott Gold Status For FREE PLUS over $400 OR > 81K AMEX Points ($810 value)!!

81K+ AMEX points + Platinum = $399 (tax write off for biz) OR 81K+ Aeroplan points  OR 81K+ Avios=$812.50 OR $412.50 + FREE PLATINUM CARD
Currently, with the link embedded in the pic above, you can earn 75K (NOT THE REGULAR 60K) AMEX points after spending $5K in 3 months (there are ways--see below) when you use my referral to get a Platinum AMEX Biz card plus 1.25 points per dollar spent, so after spending $5K, you'll get 6,250 points plus the 75K, making 81250 AMEX points.  In the past, there was a glitch in the AMEX system, that allowed one to upgrade from a gold to a platinum, and even though the rep on the phone would tell you about the $399 fee you'd be paying, they didn't charge for the upgrade.
As reported in a previous post, AMEX Business cards allow you to cash out by using your points in lieu of transactions, so charge an $800 trip to your points and get the transaction for free--or any percentage of that transaction if you wish.  Personally, I'd use the points with Aeroplan or in a pinch, to pay the taxes on an Aeroplan ticket (not the best use--airline points are the best use). In fact, you may use your points, with platinum status (not with gold) to pay off ANY transaction, travel-related or not.

Here's the order of things:

Apply using the link embedded above to get the AMEX Platinum Business card--even if you've had it before, you still qualify for the welcome bonus again.  Even if you have one NOW, you qualify.  Just apply, get approved, and "consolidate" (i.e., CANCEL) your other card. If you have any kind of business, any at all, you can apply as a self-proprietor (no Revenue Canada tax number) and give your income as your total overall income, give yourself (and perhaps your spouse) as the employee(s) and hopefully get approved.

After being approved you have to spend $5K in 3 months--I do that by paying for my father's residence monthly (they accept AMEX) and he pays me by cheque.  Find a way to do it--gift cards to gas stations, Sobey's, Metro, hardware stores, hotels, rental cars, charitable donations, PayPal--they all accept AMEX.

If you cannot legitimately write-off the annual fee on your taxes, you can use 39,900 AMEX points on any of your transactions to cover the cost of your annual fee, making the card free!

BTW, if you have employees (or spouse) that would like the upgrade, get them only the gold business card for $50 rather than paying for the platinum business supplementary card (save $) and still get 1.25 AMEX Membership Reward points per dollar PLUS a whole lot of benefits listed below.

And THAT is how you get 75K points for FREE (Plus the points you get for all your spending). Enjoy the Platinum card for the year, and if it's a tax write-off  for businesses (the $399 annual fee) go for it and keep using it.  Others may choose to downgrade at year's end or see if they'll offer you a spending threshold to meet for more points.  If not, you may choose to cancel the card and reapply for the platinum again.  This is called "churning" and is frowned upon by credit card companies but is not against their rules--as long as it's a new application and you're willing to take the hard inquiry credit hit (usually a few points off your credit score), they won't care.

The link embedded above in the pic can be used to apply for any of the membership reward cards: business gold (waived annual fee first year and worth 40K welcome points points but only 1 point per dollar and no platinum benefits), the personal platinum (pricey but awesome) or the Platinum Business card. It defaults to the platinum business, but if you look to the right, you'll see pics of the other cards--just click on any of them for more info and to apply.

Most importantly, other than the points is the SPG Gold status that comes with the card when you call AMEX and provide them with your SPG number.  If you don't have an SPG number, they can set you up with one (or just to and sign up for one) and they will, in 7-14 days, have your SPG status upgraded to GOLD!  That means free upgrades at SPG hotels--and Marriott hotels after linking you SPG account with your Marriott account online as you will have Marriott Gold status as well since SPG got bought out by Marriott.

Some people manufacture spending to hit the threshold--for example, they make a $5K purchase on the card for a hotel stay months in advance that is refundable--wait for the points to post (may take 8-10 weeks) and then cancel the stay and keep the bonus--I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU RESIST THIS URGE.  Putting morality aside (it's illegitimate spending), if you cannot spend your way to the spending threshold, don't get the card.  In the US, AMEX has already clamped down on this practice by taking away people's welcome bonus and making it hard to get it back.  These bonuses are offered so that AMEX hopes to get some serious business from new customers, but that doesn't mean you cannot choose to meet the threshold, keep using the card (platinum card value is awesome) and then choose to not renew the card.  If you really don't think it's worth it, and you happen to be the few that are charged the annual fee upon upgrading, you could cancel the card or downgrade after meeting the spending threshold to get back a prorated refund (though AMEX in the States is ending this).
Here's the Plat Biz benefits:
  • Free lounge access for the card holder, including at Pearson (for the personal version, it even allows access to the prestigious Centurion Lounge, including for the family or a friend but the for the Plat Biz, only yourself in the Plaza Premium Lounges around the world, including at Pearson).  Click here to read more about this benefit
  • 15% off parking at Pearson (even though this is only supposed to be a benefit of the platinum personal, it's a glitch and you it will show on your next statement)

Exceptional Platinum Worldwide Benefits that include:
  • Access to over 600 lounges around the world.1
  • Extras at over 700 world-class properties in the Fine Hotels & Resorts Program.
  • Front Of The Line® access to some of the hottest events in town.
  • Concierge service.
  • Watch what Small Business Platinum Cardmembers have to say about their experience with American Express.

Earn 1.25 Membership Rewards® points for virtually every $1 in purchases6and get the most out of your business expenses.

Earn a Welcome Bonus of 75,000 points when you charge $5,000 in purchases to your Card in your first three months of Cardmembership.** That’s enough to redeem for a $750 TripFlexTM rewards statement credit to use towards eligible travel purchases charged to your Card.7

Maximize your cash flow with up to 55 interest free days4 and get purchasing power that can grow with your business.

Travel Accident Insurance up to 1/2 a million, Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance, Flight Delay Insurance up to $1K in coverage, travel emergency assistance

Apply using the link at the top of the page (in the AMEX Plat Biz pick).

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